Why Sustainable Fashion Has To Be About Individuality

Sustainable fashion

Here at style-is.co.uk, we love individual style, not just because it is a fantastic way to express yourself and a great outlet for personal creativity but also because also because it makes the world so much more of an interesting place and we believe is the only way forward for sustainable fashion.

I am addicted to checking out fashion blogs, street style blogs and just people watching in general to see the amazing outfits that they have created. This seems to be a growing trend and street style is becoming hugely influential. Many people now turn to blogs for inspiration instead of fashion magazines which tend to tell us more about the ‘must have’ pieces and how to wear the latest ‘trends’ for the season. Fashion blogs show us how we can make a look work for us, how we can add our own take on a style and how we can create outfits using a mixture of clothes that we already have in our wardrobes, charity shop finds and completely unique upcycled pieces.

Trends have never really worked with the concept of ‘sustainable fashion’. A trend by its very nature changes frequently and encourages people to keep buying new clothes in order to keep up and fit in with what the main stream of people are wearing. Whilst we are being dictated to each season on what are the latest ‘must haves’, it is virtually impossible to consume responsibly.

Developing your own individual style on the other hand is a great way to be sustainable. Finding the clothes that really work for you regardless of what the latest trends are is a good way to ensure that your wardrobe will stand the test of time. How many times have you bought into the latest trend only to realise that it doesn’t really suit you or just isn’t you? I think we have all been there! Fast fashion doesn’t last because we become fed up with it quickly and just want to move onto the latest look. By developing your own individual style, you can find a look that really works for you, makes you look and feel better and is timeless.

Your style is almost like an extension of your personality. It is the first thing that people will notice about you and we all know that first impressions count. What do you want your style to say about you? This infographic by Ecouterre says it all


Over the coming months at style-is.co.uk are going to working on a creative project called ‘The Style Statement’. We hope you will share and tell us about your own unique and individual style and help us to create an inspiration gallery of individual style and sustainable fashion. If you would like to get involved please email ceri@heathcotecommunications.co.uk.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

With warmest wishes

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