Sustainable Style Resolutions for 2013

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Sustainable fashion and style are definitely becoming more easy to find buy and in 2013, and we hope that style is… will help you to find plenty of ways to be stylish and sustainable without too much effort. There are  a few small changes that you can make to the way that you shop and dress for a more sustainable 2013. Here are our sustainable style resolutions, small changes that can make a difference towards a better environment and a better life for those that live in it.

  • Shop your wardrobe first

Most people have a wardrobe full of clothes already and before buying new clothes, it is always worth checking out what you already have first. If you are bored with the clothes that you already have and feel like a change, you could try swapping, borrowing, upcyling or customising or updating with accessories. Organising and displaying your clothes so that you can see what you have will make you more likely to wear them rather than buying something new.

  •  Shop vintage clothing and second hand

Buying second hand and vintage clothes is one of the most sustainable ways to shop as it avoids the use of virgin materials and the carbon footprint and pollution that can result from the manufacture of new clothes. It also helps to reduce the amount of textiles going to landfill. Second hand and vintage clothes can also look great and are a great way to develop your own unique style on a budget.

  •  Look for high quality clothes that will last

Despite having lots of clothes, do you ever look in your wardrobe and complain that you have nothing to wear? If you shop carefully look for clothes that are made to last in terms of both their high quality and timeless style, you will build yourself a great wardrobe and should never have a problem finding something beautiful to wear. You should always check that the clothes you are buying are suitable for your bodyshape and lifestyle.

  • Develop your own style

Those who develop their own style rather than following the latest fashions and trends will always be noticed and remembered for all of the right reasons. The best thing about developing your own style is that you can wear what ever you like. You can choose the clothes and styles that suit you best and add some of you own personality into the mix. You can be as creative as you like and your clothes will be timeless.

  • Choose Fairtrade and organic cotton over conventional cotton

Fair trade and organic clothing are both more sustainable choices than conventional cotton. With fairtrade cotton, you can be sure that the farmer has recieved a fair price for the cotton and that the cotton has been harvested without the use of child labour. With organic cotton, no chemical pesticides have been used so not only will your clothing be completely chemical free but its production will have had a lesser impact on the environment and is helping the farmers to build a better future. It is now quite easy to find a range of organic and fair trade cotton alternatives for a range of wardrobe staples and fashion dress including coloured and blue jeans, t shirts and underwear.

  • Air Dry Your Clothes and Wash With Care

Some of the biggest environmental impacts of clothing is caused by its washing, drying and cleaning. When buying clothes, always check the care label and avoid clothing that needs dry cleaning. Air drying clothes and washing in full loads of dark or light colours is also the best choice for the environment and will help to keep your clothes looking great. Also consider how you hang or store your clothes to enhance their life span.

  • Think before you buy

At times, the choices and issues to consider when shopping for clothes can seem overwhelming and it seems difficult to know what to do for the best. By asking yourself a few questions and thinking about what you buy, you can really make a difference. Some simple questions that you could ask yourself before you shop could include :- Do you really need or want this piece of clothing? will you  wear it for years to come? Could you find an alternative that has less impact on the environment and a more positive impact on the lives of those working in the supply chain? Not only will this help you to reduce the impact of your fashion but also to build a stylish and sustainable wardrobe of clothes that will look good for many years to come.

Wishing you a happy, stylish and sustainable 2013!

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