How People Tree are Making a Difference in Bangladesh

Here at we were hugely saddened to hear about the factory collapse in Bangladesh which has caused so much death and injury. Bangladesh’s garment industry is booming and is one of the country’s biggest employers and foreign exchange earners but the money made from the manufacture of clothes often does little to help workers in the industry who are paid very low wages, work in unpleasant conditions and risk their lives in dangerous factories plagued by fires, building collapses and other accidents despite drives for many years to improve safety standards.

But there is an alternative…

People Tree are making a very positive difference to the lives of people living in Bangladesh (and other countries around the world) by providing them with a fair wage and sustainable livelihoods, safe and happy working conditions and also helping to fund projects in local communities including education. Whilst doing all of this People Tree are also creating beautiful and stylish clothes that people in the UK love to buy and wear.

Swallow’s is just one of the Fair Trade partners that People Tree work with. It is based in the North West of Bangladesh and provides work for women. The project uses natural and azo-free dyed yarns are hand woven into fabrics, then hand embellished with embroidery and tailored, providing work for over 200 women.  People Tree’s involvement has lead to economic stability for the organisation allowing it to cover the running costs of the Swallows school for 320 children. People Tree have also started a daycare centre for 60 babies and toddlers.

People Tree and fair trade projects provide work in impoverished rural communities where work for artisan hand weavers has been lost due to the power loom. Without fair trade projects and with no other form of employment they would be forced to move away from their families to urban slums in order to find work.

By choosing to buy from People Tree and other fashion brands that are commited to fair trade, you are choosing fashion that empowers people and improve lives rather than fashion that exploits people.

Check out the video above to see how People Tree clothes are made with love and shop People Tree and other fair trade fashion brands on

What else can you do?

  • Join the Lets Fix Fashion:1% campaign and sign the petition for companies to invest 1% of their profits into responsible resourcing.
  • Think carefully before you buy really cheap clothes, consider what the real price is.
  • Let fast fashion companies how you that you want them to take responsibility for their supply chains. Email them, tweet them or leave a message on their Facebook page.
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