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Cotton Love

Image – Cotton Love

Crowd funding not only offers a great opportunity for ethical fashion brands to fund collections but also for consumers to get really involved and fully understand exactly how and where their clothes are made. There have been a number of successfully funded ethical fashion colllections funded by crowdfunding and there are new exciting and innovative ones launching all of the time. We love the idea if not just being a buyer of an ethical fashion brand but part of a movement. Here are just a few of the ethical fashion crowdfunding projects that have caught our eye lately.

Up Shirt – The Tee With the Tiny Environmental Footprint

This project doesn’t have long to go so if you want to get involved we would suggest you get on with it straight away. It has already exceeded it’s funding target of £10,000 which is not all that surprising as backing it with just £20 not only gets you, you very own tank or tee from the collection but also a little piece of history with a tee shirt with the worlds smallest environmental footprint.

Most tee shirts create 40% waste which means that the water and resources that go into growing and processsing the cotton and making and transporting the garment will also be wasted. The Up Shirt is a fab t shirt made from these leftovers. A fantastic way of using this waste to create something useful and great to wear.

Cotton Love – Debut Men’s and Women’s Wear Collection

If you like to buy your ethical fashion from a brand that designs and manufactures in the UK then funding this project could be for you. Pledging £80 or more to help this project will entitle you to receive your choice of a pair of trousers or a shirt for men or a top or pair of trousers for women. Cotton Love is an independant design studio run by duo Ruth and Nigel which combines inspiration of nineties minimalism, eastern silhouettes and antique workwear for a refined silhouette with its own signature of refined detailing and functional style.

AyeSpy Leather and Wood Eyewear

Another ethical fashion brand manufacturing in the UK is Glasgow based AyeSpy. A pledge of £75 will reward you with a choice of handcrafted sunglasses by the brand. The wood and leather give the sunglasses a great look and combine a natural aesthetic with adjustable comfort. We particularly love the brands motto ‘Make a Spectacle of Yourself’

What do you think? Is crowdfunding a great way to get involved in the ethical fashion movement?


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