The Fashion Duel – Greenpeace’s Campaign for a More Sustainable Fashion Industry

Green Peace have just launched their latest campaign for a more sustainable fashion industry, The Fashion Duel. You find out more by watching the video above or visiting their new site The Fashion Duel.

Basically Greenpeace is throwing down the gauntlet to fashion brands and challenging them to guarantee consumers that their products are not tainted with deforestation and the toxic poisoning our Planet’s water resources.

Brazilian Amazon and the last Indonesian rainforests are being destroyed. Rivers and lakes in China and Mexico are polluted and fish are poisoned. This is all because of our desire for the latest fashion. The clearing of rainforests in order to ranch cattle is at least partly a result of the leather industry and the shoes, bags and belts that it makes. Low cost packaging used for luxury items that is then used once before being binned is responsible for the destruction of the Sumatrian Tigers habitat. In China, Mexico and many other countries, the textile is polluting rivers and jeopardising water resources.

That’s so not chic!

Fifteen designer brands were sent a questionaire by Greenpeace with 25 questions relating to their leather purchasing policies, pulp purchasing policies and textile production. So far of the 15 brands, only Valentino have responded in a  Brand has replied in a transparent manner and has formally committed to implementing Zero Deforestation and Zero Discharge purchasing and production policies. Of the others so far 6 have not responded at all, one replied with a non specific response and 7 have responded in a way that in suggests they are not fully committed to Zero Deforestation and Zero Discharge goals.

Of course we are sure that Greenpeace will continue to give these brands a little nudge (in their own unique way) to encourage them to become destruction free. But there are also a few things that we can do as consumers to help build a more sustainable fashion industry.

A More Sustainable Fashion Industry – How you can help!

  • You can join Greenpeaces campaign and help spread the word by sharing their website on your social networks.
  • You will soon be able to make your own video telling the fashion industry that you are challenging them to clean up their act.
  • If you are not happy with the ethical and sustainable credentials of a company, then put your money where your mouth is and shop else where.
  • Support pioneering sustainable fashion brands that are doing things differently, including some amazing vegan shoe brands, companies using eco friendly fabrics and processes and designers using recycled and upcycled materials.

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